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DJ (6 hrs) & Photo Booth (5 hrs) This package includes our 6 Hour DJ Package (includes 8 LED Up Lights set to 1 color) and 5 Hour Photo Booth Package. DJ Package includes 3 speaker sound system, online planning, 8 LED Up Lights, wireless mic, unique covers and light system. PB Package includes Attendant, Memory Book, props, flash drive, custom header and Unlimited Pictures.
DJ (6 hrs) SloMo Video Booth (4 hrs) Up to 6 Hour DJ Package, 8 LED Up Lights, On Line Planning and Play List Building, DJ Lights for the Dance, Wireless Mic for Toasts 4 Hours of unlimited Videos and Prints, Complimentary Flash Drive, Customized Graphics and Branding, Professional Attendants, Props, Set Up and Tear Down, Photo Album for Weddings, Travel Up to 50 Miles
DJ Standard Package This Package includes up to 6 hours of music, Awesome Sound System, DJ Lights, Covered Speakers with 4 Uplights, Plus 8 Additional Up Lights for your Event, Wireless Mic for Toasts, Travel up to 50 miles, set up, break down, 8 LED Up Lights, and the use of our online planning tools.
Photo Booth Package Our Photo Booth Package includes unlimited photos for up to 5 hours. We have an attendant on staff to help your guests. Our Booth is very professional with a High Quality SLR Digital Camera and Professional grade Printer for great pictures.
Up Lighting This Package includes 8 LED Up Lights set to 1 color. No travel or set up fees if added to DJ or Photo Booth Package
Video Booth Package 4 Hours of unlimited Videos and Prints, Complimentary Flash Drive, Customized Graphics and Branding, Professional Attendants, Props, Set Up and Tear Down, Photo Album for Weddings, Travel Up to 50 Miles
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Additional Mileage If your Event is more than 50 miles away but under 100 miles away.
Additional Mileage 2 If your Event is more than 100 miles away but under 200 miles away.
Additional Mileage 3 If your Event is more than 200 miles away but under 300 miles away.
Additional Remote Speaker If you need an additional Speaker run to another room, like out doors to a patio so the over flow guests can hear (Max distance is 100 feet from DJ system)
Cover Band (Past Vertical) Add a Cover Band to your DJ Package to entertain your guests for upto 6 hours and within 50 miles.
Early Set-up for Event Early set-up fee for event, in case of guests arriving at venue prior to start time of DJ package, or Photo Booth package. If travel fee is applicable for event, then this fee is also applicable for early set up reservation.
Gobo - Monogram A Gobo can be a fun way to put your personal touch on your event. We can use a standard Gobo Image or make a custom Monogram for your event.
Honda Power Generator If you have the perfect place out by a pond or forest for you ceremony, but still need Power for Music and Micrphones, then this option is what you need. Our very small and Quiet Honda Generator will power our Ceremony System for you.
Karaoke System This is to add Karaoke to your DJ Package. Our Karaoke Library has over 20,000 songs.
Projector and Screen If you need a Projector and Screen for your event we can add that on for you. If you want to run sound from the slide show, the projector must be within 30 feet of the DJ Table.
Second Sound System For Ceremony Second Sound System for your Ceremony. This is an add on to your DJ Package. Additional charges apply if your Ceremony is at a different address from reception. Includes 2 Speakers and Wireless Microphone.
Up Lighting We have up lighting to help build the ambiance at your event. This package includes 8 Blizzard Puck LED Lights, 1 RGB Controller. Each light can be placed up to 15 feet apart. Light controller can change the color and light intensity to give your room the exact look you desire.
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