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 Special Event Thursday Tips

 July 12, 2012 by A Special Event DJ

A few tips picked up over the years on planning your successful Special Event!


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 Wedding Wednesday

 July 11, 2012 by A Special Event DJ

Getting Organized for the Upcoming Wedding Weekend!


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 Special Effects Lighting

 December 22, 2011 by Tim Bryan

We are expanding our Up Lighting and Special Effects Lighting for 2012.


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 Macy Holland Satisfaction Survey

 April 16, 2011 by Tim Bryan

We had so much fun with you guys! Everything was a hit and everybody had a blast! Thanks so much again!

Would you recommend our service to others? Yes
May we share your comments with others? Yes
May we add you to our list of references? Yes


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 Our Photo Booth Package

 March 9, 2011 by Tim Bryan

Top 10 Reasons our Photo Booth Package is the best value on the market.


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 Reception Planner

 March 9, 2011 by Tim Bryan

We have spent nearly a decade planning Wedding Receptions with couples. Through all of those planning sessions we have developed our own Reception Planner to help our couples create their reception agenda. We do this so when our couples arrive, they can relax and enjoy the evening while we execute the plan.


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 Choosing a Wedding DJ

 November 23, 2010 by Tim Bryan

How to Choose a Professional Disc Jockey


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 Reception Hall Layout

 November 23, 2010 by Tim Bryan

The flow of your Reception Hall can affect the mood and how much your guests dance.


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 Top 10 Questions to Ask a DJ Before You Hire Them

 November 3, 2010 by Tim Bryan

1. Do you go through a reception planner with us to create our agenda? A Special Event (ASE) Yes, plus we give you access to our online virtual planner so you can build the perfect agenda for you event.

2. During the wedding reception, will you help coordinate all of the different parties involved (caterer, photographer, hall manager)? ASE - Yes, it is our pleasure to make sure your event stays organized and everyone is communicating and working together. You hired us so you can relax.

3. Do you offer your services for Ceremonies too? How many songs can I select for my Ceremony and/or Reception? ASE - Yes, you we offer an additional system for a small fee for your Ceremony. You can choose as many songs as you want for the Ceremony and we are happy to help you build the Agenda for that too.

4. How many mobile systems do you have in operation? ASE - We currently have 6 DJ rigs and 3 Photo Booths in operation on most Saturday nights.

5. What creative ideas can you share that will make our reception more fun? ASE - We have lots of ideas and have seen many different activities. We can send you our Reception Planner with all of the ideas in one document. Just send us an email and we will email it right to you.

6. Are you familiar with our reception location? ASE - since we have been DJing in Iowa for nearly a decade, we have been to most every venue.

7. What sets your DJ service apart from the others? ASE - We work hard prior to your event to make sure you have the perfect agenda. Then at your event, we execute and make sure you event goes smooth so you can relax and enjoy the evening. Plus our Sound and Light systems are top of the line.

8. Have you ever been to a wedding reception where something went drastically wrong? How did you handle that situation? ASE - Yes, the bride fell after the Ceremony and had to go to the ER for stitches. To help with the 2 hour delay, we played music trivia with the guests. Everyone had fun and when the Bride and Groom showed up, everyone was ready to dance.

9. How do you train your DJs? (Nobody wants to be a DJs first Wedding Reception). ASE - I train them all myself. I have been in Sales, Marketing, Public speaking, and Toast Masters my whole career. I love it and I transfer my knowledge on to my DJ's during our training process.

10. Do you have references that I can visit with? ASE, Yes, email or call me, I am happy to provide references for you.

Bonus Question:

Can you help calm my mom down if she is driving me crazy?
lol, we love to help calm mom's down. It's part of our job description.


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